05 September 2022

How Does MLNP™ Life Coaching Work?

How Does Multi-Level Neuro-Processing (MLNP™) Life Coaching Work?

As a Life Coach I facilitate a personal development process that builds your capability, energy- levels and motivation to achieve short- and/or long-term goals. These goals might be personal goals, career goals, family goals or just dreams to live a happier life. It is conducted through one-on-one interactions, either face-to-face or via the internet, and it is based on a high level of mutual trust and respect.

 I guide you towards achieving your goals and identify characteristics and qualities that drives/motivates (energises) you on the one hand while also identifying internal obstacles (things that drain your energy levels like unforgiveness, fear, anxiety, trauma, anger etc.) on the other hand. By removing as much internal obstacles as possible, you are left with more energy and less “baggage” to pursue your goals in a “lighter”, happier and healthier way.

 Transformation and behavioural change means moving from one state of mind and behaviour to a more positive, effective and functional state of mind (and way of behaving). If transformation and change was easy, every person would be able to bring him- or herself to a place of being more successful and happier in what they are doing in life. The reason why transformation is so difficult is because our self-perception, expectation, coping mechanisms, core values and beliefs lies very deep within the brain and nervous system. However, with the help of a qualified professional, this transformation process is quite possible.

Not only people who experience deep trauma or people who cannot find direction in life needs to seek help from a Life Coach or Trauma Counsellor. Perhaps you want to:

  • Change some habits or become more assertive
  • Learn to love yourself, be intimate or let go of the past
  • Let go of negative thinking or self-criticism
  • Define and clarify your personal vision
  • Just start living in your “sweet-spot” again.
  • Experience better relationships with peers and/or friends

As an internationally accredited Life Coach and Trauma Counsellor, I use a technique called Multi-Level Neuro-Processing (MLNP) to help you to create changes in your thoughts, feelings, behaviour, stress levels and trauma symptoms.

Multi-Level Neuro-Processing (MLNP) is a brain-body (neuro-physiological) facilitation process which helps the brain to process and integrate both negative and positive information. It is both a top-down and bottom-up approach and it is as effective for complex trauma as it is for performance enhancement. What is involved here is becoming aware of the body-mind connections in its full presence. Once negative issues are processed, you can focus on enhanced performance and a happier, healthier life. MLNP is a comprehensive brain-body process that enables you healing, growth and transformation at a dynamic and happier level. 

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Francois Prinsloo Accredited MLNP Life Coach & Trauma Counsellor
Francois Prinsloo

International Coaches Register : The Neuro Coach Method : Muti-Level Neuro-Processing™