19 March 2023

The Body Remembers - Long-term effect of Trauma

The Body Remembers - Long-term effect of Trauma

The body remembers
  and you would not know
  it is not the story
  that binds you
  in your head
  but the barb wire
  on your toe

The conductor of an orchestra does not make any sound. He just empowers other people to do it. - Benjamin Zander.

We in endocrine neuro life coaching do not make any movement, we just empower your body to release of the stress of a life time or the past bad experience(s).

Moving towards your ideal lifestyle
Feel the seat you are sitting on right now. Stop. Feel. You want to move to a better seat in life. Lower your stress levels by activating neurons in the body, get the endocrines to respond and experience the calmness and stress release in the body. The eye is a piece of the brain with which you can see. We use the perception of the eyes in one particular technique to activate neurological responses and endocrinal releases in the body.

Coaching is training
Repetition, Repetition, Repetition. Training is Muscle Memory Conditioning. Our stress release is Muscle Memory Induction. The body remembers until you give it neurological and endocrinal activation to release that of what is being negatively remembered.

Case Study A
Person A is a lecturer at a College. She had difficulty in walking to her class. Stress related. The challenge was that she wanted to visit her children overseas. After two consultations, she could walk freely.

Case Study B
Person B was nervous about a court case appearance. Stress had impaired his concentration. Just before the proceedings started, we had a meeting which ended with positive outcomes.

Case Study C
Entrepreneur and business owner C was struggling with his business. Same old, same old. After two consultations, he started to relax, his golf improved and the order book took off.

Good aiming
Voted the best slogans in England the past century: "If you don't eat your food as your medicine, you will be forced to eat your medicine as your food." and "If you don't make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness." Our variation on the theme: Create your lifestyle of wellness by stress release coaching, or be the victim of endless catching up by nervously spinning around.

This article is not intended to take the place of medical advice from your personal physician.

Willem Prinsloo
B.A., (Psychology) University of Orange Free State; B. Hons. (Philosophy) University of Orange Free State; B.Th. (Pastoral Psychology) University of Stellenbosch, MLNP Practitioner, Perspective Training College.

The Body Remembers - Long-term effect of Trauma
Willem Prinsloo

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